2016 Featured Presenters

George Couros

The Principal of Change
George Couros is an influential educational leader, author, and presenter that inspires and challenges audiences to achieve excellence in the ultimate goal of all educators: student engagement and learning. George mixes pedagogy, humor, and personal stories to push teachers and administrators to take risks and innovate in order to move to the next level as educators and individuals.

Jason Bretzmann

Personalized PD Powerhouse
Jason Bretzmann is an award-winning social studies teacher, Innovation Integrator, and national speaker from Wisconsin. He has delivered engaging and practical presentations throughout the United States and in Canada on flipped learning, personalized professional development, and effective educational technology use. He is co-author and publisher of “Flipping 2.0: Practical Strategies for Flipping Your Class.” He also founded and consults with The Bretzmann Group on flipclass and edtech strategies. Jason has been learning with his students and encouraging innovation since the mid-’90s.

Michael Matera

Gamification in the classroom offers an engaging and collaborative environment for all learners, and no one does it better than USM's resident expert, Michael Matera. Michael's book, "Explore Like a Pirate", has become the go-to for all things gamification. Using a combination of inspiring theory and practical examples, Michael's presentations lead attendees rushing to their classrooms to change their approach to teaching.

Quinn Rollins

Play, Learn, Create
Quinn Rollins combines play and popular culture to motivate students with challenging and engaging projects and learning activities. Quinn’s humorous presentations encourage teachers to incorporate comic books, toys, and games in their instruction and assessment.

Matt Miller

Looking to utilize technology to have students and teachers engage, innovate, collaborate, and create? Look no farther than Matt Miller, the Digital Pirate and author of "Ditch That Textbook." Matt merges educational theory with the latest digital tools to present ideas that can be incorporated into the classroom immediately.

Julie Smith

Media Literacy Expert
Ready to be a proactive part of the digital revolution? Learn from Julie Smith! Julie is a college professor, author, and renowned presenter in media literacy. Her engaging presentations help educators, students, and parents make sense of the all-encompassing digital world that becomes more important every day.

Don Wettrick

The Innovation Teacher
Don Wettrick is a teacher, author, and leading international expert on challenging students through innovation and choice to set them up for success in an increasingly competitive world. Using his classroom experience as a guide, Don encourages collaboration among students and teachers to create real world learning experiences that engage and inspire.
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