Track Session 1, 11:00 AM

PBL - Purposeful PBL
Presenter: Laura Tomczak

During this session, we will focus on organizing a PBL unit that has a deliberate curricular purpose in mind. I will take you through the beginning stages of planning the unit before presenting it to your students. You will leave with a good start to a unit you can use during the next school year.

Track Session 2, 1:00 PM

PBL - Implementing Innovative Digital Technology for Project-Based Learning
Presenter: Rachel Rauch

Innovations in technology develop by the second, and it's where our students live. True digital natives prefer project-based learning, using technology to showcase their depth of learning and their technology skills.

Participants will add multimedia tools to their repertoire to enhance how our evolving learners can showcase interactive demonstrations of their new learning, using free apps such as ThingLink, Steller, Storehouse, Issuu, PicFlow, ​​and Easelly.

Educators will be able to teach students how to use interactive and regular blogs or vlogs and embed all multimedia work onto websites using WordPress or Weebly. Students who can create digital portfolios are able to compete in our technological world by simply providing a link to their best work. Likewise, these same principles apply to educators looking to create their own interactive classroom sites to showcase themselves as models of innovation.

Track Session 3, 2:00 PM

PBL - One Educational Acronym to Rule Them All
Presenter: Andrew McCormick

STEM. STEAM. STREAM. SBG. IPI, AIW, IPIT. These reform initiatives express conviction in what schools value (often at the expense of what is not included in these clean little acronyms) or ways to assess instruction and student learning. These paradigms get at what to teach and how to evaluate the degree of learning...but none of these get at the how of teaching. I firmly believe the most powerful shift schools can undergo is an adherence to project based learning. We’ll explore how to start the shift towards PBL and who you can lean on in your own school and district. Your go to experts might surprise you!
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