Track Session 1, 11:00 AM

Leadership - Escaping Education Island: Using Technology Tools to Increase Communication and Connected Collaboration
Presenters: Jay Posick, Tom Whitford

Tom and Jay agree that being a connected educator has never been more fun and easy as it is today. Communication with stakeholders is critically important in the push to be transparent and to build supportive relationships. There are a variety of tools they will share, and show you how to use. There will be time to get hands on with the tools commonly used, as well as time for examples of how they are used by students, teachers and administrators.

Track Session 2, 1:00 PM

Leadership - Creating a Positive Faculty Culture
Presenter: Pamela Nosbusch

What do effective leaders do to set the tone for a positive faculty culture? How can you create a climate in which teachers feel valued, recognized, and energized to strive to move from good to great? What expectations do you set? What characteristics and skills does a leader need? What role do faculty play in creating a climate where teachers and students can’t wait to get to school? Join Pamela Nosbusch, Head of Middle School at University School of Milwaukee, to discuss these topics and more.

Track Session 3, 2:00 PM

Leadership - Creating Cultures of Trust and Innovation
Presenters: Jay Posick, Tom Whitford

Tom and Jay will share research, information and experiences collected over years to help you build and further develop a culture within your building or classroom that will foster a sense of trust needed with students and staff if we are to become truly innovative schools. Students and staff need to feel a sense of trust between their peers, but also from their building leaders so they know they can take the risks needed to transform our educational practices. Learn what methods they employ to develop these cultures as well as methods used by other Leadership gurus from around the world.
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