Genius Hour

Track Session 1, 11:00 AM

Genius Hour - An Introduction to Genius Hour
Presenters: April D'Water, Tyler Messman, Tom Mussoline

Genius Hour is a movement that has recently reached education. Started at Google, Genius Hour allows students to pursue projects that they (the students) have a vested interest in. By awarding the students all or some of class time to work on a passion, many interesting problems are solved or inventions created. This is a course where failure is mandatory and trial and error is the norm. This movement will hopefully instill a love of learning which will in-turn develop a love of lifelong learning. The first hour of this strand will be from the rookie teacher perspective. Three “New To Genius Hour” teachers will talk about some of the projects that their students have worked on. April D'Water, Tyler Messman, and Tom Mussoline will have ideas, pictures and some projects that their students have completed during Genius Hour.

Track Session 2, 1:00 PM

Genius Hour - Student-Directed Learning in a Genius Hour
Presenter: Joy Kirr

What's stopping you from starting? Need a nudge? In this session we will address our fears, and find a way to feel comfortable jumping into this type of student-directed learning. Joy Kirr will share her experiences - good and bad - so you can be prepared for the worst and be ready to tackle issues when they arise. Bring your questions, concerns, and fears to this session so we can put your mind at ease and put the students first!

Track Session 3, 2:00 PM

Genius Hour - Make Genius Hour Work For You
Presenter: Tyler Messman

The last hour in this strand will be a panel discussion and question and answer session. Hear from the rookie and experienced teachers as to why Genius Hour is such a great experience for not only students but also teachers. Get clarity on questions that you may have. Come in and sit for a low key discussion on why Genius Hour is right for your school or class.
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