Track Session 1, 11:00 AM

Engagement - Purpose Driven Learning
Presenter: Adam Moreno

What is the PURPOSE of school? Hint...it's not good grades! Learn how taking the focus off of content knowledge can give your students’ education lasting purpose!

Are we teaching kids how to memorize facts for a test, or how be resilient when struggling with a new concept? Are we accepting mediocre work because it meets the standard, or are we challenging students to put forth their best effort on every project? In group work, are our students more concerned with “getting an A,” or demonstrating that they are dependable team members? The Keys of Purpose Driven Learning can be developed in every subject area to help students reach their fullest potential.

The attendees on the Engagement Track will participate in a variety of exercises designed to identify, develop, and assess each of the Keys of Purpose Driven Learning. From a competitive round of thumb-wrestling to build enthusiasm, to quick demonstrations of the importance of putting forth one’s best effort, from practicing classroom techniques for building confident public-speakers to learning how to empathize with others through storytelling, each key will be addressed through meaningful activities that will be sure to engage your students and build skills that lead to success.

Track Session 2, 1:00 PM

Engagement - Teaching Outside the Box: A Crash Course in Creative Brainstorming
Presenter: Dave Burgess

A fast-paced and fun session designed to teach techniques that will skyrocket creativity. You will learn how to use their brain like Google, create a GPS system for powerful teaching, and magically create new ideas through Creative Alchemy. In addition, learn how to overcome obstacles that stifle creativity by using the Wedding Photographer Principle. You’ll leave truly believing you are a creative being and inspired to add memorable experiences for students to your lesson plans.

Track Session 3, 2:00 PM

Engagement - The Digital Pirate: "TECH Like a PIRATE"
Presenter: Matt Miller

In “Teach Like a PIRATE,” author Dave Burgess shows teachers how to use passion and presentational skills to engage students and create memorable experiences. In this session, you’ll get lots of ideas for combining engagement hooks and technology to connect with students like never before. Includes “The Digital PIRATE,” a FREE ebook with 20 ideas for “tech-ing like a PIRATE”!
Prekindergarten (age 3) - Grade 12 • Independent • Coeducational
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