Day 2 Open Sessions

10:30 AM

Arts Integration - Connecting to the Core: Integrating Visual Arts to Deepen Cultural Understanding
Presenters: Sarah Markwald and Will Piper

The more connected learning is, the deeper students’ understanding. Visual art is a wonderful way to engage students in learning about other cultures and expanding global horizons. Join Sarah Markwald, Middle School art teacher, and Will Piper, 5th grade social studies teacher, to explore the power of integrating art to a world geography class and how students’ have deepened their knowledge and appreciation for other cultures in the process. Connecting with art allows collaborations to be made globally and beyond classroom walls.

Arts Integration - Make it Work: Arts Integration and Deeper Learning
Presenter: Andrew McCormick

This is no surprise to those of us in the trenches...educational institutions are slow to adopt change. Many schools still operate under a factory mentality so eloquently described by Sir Ken Robinson. Bells, grades, classes, standardizations, rankings, etc. We know that real learning and the skills required for living in the 21st Century require a more nuanced approach to teaching and learning. Our students think deeper when they can make connections across their curriculum. With this presentation I’ll discuss how teachers can be more open to adopting an arts integration curriculum at the grassroots level to start getting their students to “learn deeper.”

Design Thinking

Presenter: George Phillip

From Dan Pink to Fortune 500 companies, employers are looking for their employees to have a set skills that include empathy, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Through Stanford Universities, many people have found the power that Design Thinking has brought to education. In this interactive session, come learn about the process and how to implement this process in your classroom.

Digital Storytelling- Screencasting from Beginning to the Awards Show
Presenter: Ben Brazeau

Harness the power of Google Apps for Education GAFE to create a multitude of video projects.  Give students a voice in your classroom, provide alternative methods to demonstrate mastery, and create opportunities for peer evaluation.  In this session we will explore how to create Google presentations then amp it up with screencasting.   You will also learn how to utilize Google forms as a platform for organizing and sharing student work. The workshop would be a show and share and then participants creating their own products.

Flipped Classroom- Transitioning to a Flipped Classroom
Presenter: Jason Strains

I taught math the same way year after year. After four years of doing things the exact same way, I discovered the flipped model. I will talk about my transition to utilizing the flipped model in my classroom including: why I made the decision to switch, typical questions that arise from parents and students, what my flipped classroom looked like at the beginning, what it looks like today, and what I want it to look like in the future. I will also be sharing student feedback from my first few years of flipping my classroom, and hopefully, by the time we are done, you will be excited and energized to flip your own classroom and have a better idea of what works and what doesn't.

Global Scholars
Presenter: Henry Wend

Description to come...

Personalized Learning
Presenter: Jeni Piper

Transform your classroom and instruction with your students as co-designers of their learning. Inspire students to personalize their learning experience by giving voice and choice. Learn about the core components of personalized learning: learner profiles, flexible learning paths, and proficiency-based progress. Design assessments that are for/of/as learning. Use PBL, inquiry-based instruction, flipped classroom, learning models, and genius hour to create authentic, personal learning experiences for students. 

Promoting a Culture of Learning: Reaching Every Student, Every Day through Standards Based Learning, Grading, and Reporting
Presenter: Brian Durst

Please join the conversation to combat educational apathy, compliance, point chasing, and fear of failure--destructive characteristics enabled by educators, fueled by parents, and mastered by students in the game of school. As we continue to share our passion for teaching and creative expertise in planning engaging lessons, let’s focus on healthy grading practices--the art of “essment”--with ten immediate, actionable solutions to impact our culture of learning.

Purpose Driven Learning
Presenter: Adam Moreno

What is the PURPOSE of school?'s not good grades! Learn how taking the focus off of content knowledge, can give your students’ education lasting purpose!

Are we teaching kids how to memorize facts for a test, or how be resilient when struggling with a new concept? Are we accepting mediocre work because it meets the standard, or are we challenging students to put forth their best effort on every project? In group work, are our students more concerned with “getting an A”, or demonstrating that they are dependable team members? The Keys of Purpose Driven Learning can be developed in every subject area to help students reach their fullest potential.

The attendees on the Engagement Track will participate in a variety of exercises designed to identify, develop, and assess each of the Keys of Purpose Driven Learning. From a competitive round of thumb-wrestling to build enthusiasm, to quick demonstrations of the importance of putting forth one’s best effort, from practicing classroom techniques for building confident public-speakers to learning how to empathize with others through storytelling, each key will be addressed through meaningful activities that will be sure to engage your students and build skills that lead to success.

Purposeful PBL
Presenter: Laura Tomczak

During this session, we will focus on organizing a PBL unit that has a deliberate curricular purpose in mind. I will take you through the beginning stages of planning the unit before presenting it to your students. You will leave with a good start to a unit you can use during the next school year.

STEM - Citizen Science & Service Learning Opportunities
Presenter: Andrea Kornowski

There are many opportunities for students to engage in citizen science (real world data-analysis) and service learning projects on local, state, and national levels. This session will outline the various opportunities and resources available, examples of how citizen science and service learning are used in the classroom, as well as provide time to discuss and plan options for implementing citizen science in your classroom tomorrow.

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