Day 2 Featured Presentations

8:30 AM

Brave New Virtual World: Games as Experiential Learning
Presenter: Jonathan Spike

Whoever said games are simply for drills and practice? When approached as situations to apply knowledge or experiences to elicit emotional response, games can enhance the learning process and increase student engagement. In this session, discover how you can properly locate, evaluate, and integrate game-based learning into your curriculum!
Ditch That Textbook!
Presenter: Matt Miller

Engage students. Build relationships. Rekindle your love of teaching! The world is changing and becoming more and more digital every day. If education doesn’t change with it, our classrooms will become irrelevant in a world of ubiquitous information. Participants in this session will learn timeless techniques for using technology in the classroom that will withstand the passage of time, regardless of which websites come and go. They’ll leave inspired and motivated with practical tips for ditching their textbooks in favor of more digital means of learning.
Engaging Learning Beyond Borders
Presenter: TBD

A step by step guide to transform your teaching into cooperative learning that can enrich education and empower students anywhere and everywhere. Find creative solutions as we take a powerful journey of transformation through global collaboration. You will see how cross cultural learning truly enhances 21st century engagement.
Playful Planning- What Games Can Teach Us About Learning
Presenter: Michael Matera

Everyone is born knowing how to play. Through playful planning, teachers can harness the power of games. Games allow us to learn from our failures, explore the world around us, and unlock talents in ourselves through leveled challenges. Together we can bring these elements into our schools. Educators who effectively use game theory, thinking and practice in their course design will see their students in a new light. Learn how to start crafting your gamified classroom to help build your student creativity, courage and clarity of content.
Use This Flipping Technology
Presenter: Jason Bretzmann

Whether in a Flipped, or a more traditional classroom, learning can be enhanced, expanded, and made more engaging with the intentional use of the best EdTech tools. We’ll share our experiences with tools for creating, and communicating in and outside of the classroom. We’ll discuss exactly when to use each tool, while sharing practical project and product examples of what teachers and students can do. The Google suite of tools will show up prominently in this interactive presentation, but we’ll share all the useful tools we and our students use to show learning, create mastery products, make videos, communicate effectively and more. This fast-paced session will introduce teachers to edtech tools that they can use immediately in their classrooms to enhance learning, while also looking at some tools they already use in a different way. We’ll invite participants in the session to take what we share, and add it to what they already do, or to create something new.
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