Assessment and Grading

Track Session 1, 11:00 AM

Assessment and Grading - Grades: What are They and What are They Good For?
Presenter: Tim Quinn

Sharing insights from my recent book, "On Grades and Grading: Supporting Student Learning Through a More Purposeful and Transparent Use of Grades," I will examine the many different ways in which the term “grade” can be defined and then assess the different purposes for which grades are commonly used. As time permits, I will open up discussion on a host of grading-related issues including grade inflation, numbers vs. letters, allowing students to redo work, the grading of behaviors and habits of mind, grading collaborative work, and the use of grading rubrics. Through all of this, I hope to show how grades can be more effectively used to support student learning and to provide teachers with ideas on how to do this in their own individual classrooms.

Track Session 2, 1:00 PM

Assessment and Grading - Using Grades for Good - Yes, It Is Possible
Presenter: Pernille Ripp

For years, students have had their work defined by our assessments and grades but now is the time for change. It is possible to have a limited grades, better assessment classroom where students embrace the learning rather than the letter within our public school system. Join me as we discuss how to do better assessment that empowers students, rather than leaves them powerless.

Track Session 3, 2:00 PM

Assessment and Grading - Promoting a Culture of Learning: Reaching Every Student, Every Day
Presenter: Brian Durst

Please join the conversation to combat educational apathy, compliance, point chasing, and fear of failure--destructive characteristics enabled by educators, fueled by parents, and mastered by students in the game of school. As we continue to share our passion for teaching and creative expertise in planning engaging lessons, let’s focus on healthy grading practices--the art of “essment”--with ten immediate, actionable solutions to impact our culture of learning.
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